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An Introduction to LaTex

Date: Thursday, September 12, 2019

Time: 3-4:30pm

Location: Rockefeller Hall 300

Title: An Introduction to LaTex


The visual presentation of mathematics is often crucial to communicating your ideas.  But mathematics makes many demands of the writer-exotic symbols, equations displayed and in-text, tables of values, diagrams, etc.  Typesetting is the art of placing text on the page. How can you typeset mathematics? The answer is TeX and its powerful streamlined and organized version LaTeX. This introduction will give you an opportunity to try LaTeX and to get a sense of its syntax.  With a few tries, you will be able to typeset assignments, write your own math documents, and even produce beautiful typeset manuscripts for any occasion (invitations, resumes, essays for your non-math classes,…)

In order for us to use LaTeX without mounting it on your personal computer, we will use the website OVERLEAF.  Please bring your laptop to the event, and take a minute to sign up for Overleaf.  Not only will your instructors thank you for producing beautiful work to read, but the ability to typeset your writings will get you the attention you want.