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Colloquium-Dana Muller

Date: Tuesday, November 1, 2016, Time: 12:30PM

Location: Rockefeller Hall 310

Title:  Administrative Data to Advance Public Policy Research
Abstract: Public policy research using administrative data has moved to the forefront of empirical research in social sciences. These data are rich in geographic detail, or combine demographic, individual, business, and context variables, which makes them valuable to researchers in academia. The FDZ at the Federal Employment Agency in Germany provides access to different administrative data, register and survey data for public policy research. However up-to-data, economic research addressing urban questions is often constrained by the availability of data at a sufficiently fine regional scale. Thus, the FDZ geo-coded their administrative database to facilitate the application of research methods at a detailed regional level. In this talk, I briefly outline the FDZ and the data available. In addition, I demonstrate use cases working with the geo-coded data to provide a better picture of the uniqueness of these administrative data, before discussing data access and restrictions. 
Pizza at noon in Rockefeller Hall 305