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Henry Seely White Lecture - Susan Murphy, University of Michigan

Date:  Friday, February 19, 2016

Time: 2:30PM

Location: Rockefeller Hall 300

Reception at 2:00PM, outside of Rockefeller Hall 300

Title: Micro-randomized Trials & mHealth

Abstract: Micro-randomized trials are trials in which individuals are randomized 100's or 1000's of times over the course of the study.   The goal of these trials is to assess the impact of momentary interventions, e.g. interventions that are intended to impact behavior over small time intervals.  A fast growing area of mHealth concerns the use of mobile devices for both collecting real-time data, for processing this data and for providing momentary interventions.   We discuss the design and analysis of micro-randomized trials for use in mHealth.

This colloquium talk is intended for faculty and students in the statistical, mathematical, or other sciences.  Please join us on Thursday February 18 for a lecture intended for a general audience.

About the HSW Lecturer: Susan Murphy is the H.E. Robbins Distinguished University Professor of Statistics & Professor of Psychiatry and a Research Professor at the Institute for Social Research. Her research focuses on improving sequential, individualized, decision making in health, in particular on clinical trial design and data analysis to inform the development of mobile health treatment policies.  Susan is a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, a Fellow of the College on Problems in Drug Dependence, a former editor of the Annals of Statistics, a member of the US National Academy of Medicine and a 2013 MacArthur Fellow.