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LAVA Talk with Charlotte Yang (VC '14)

LAVA* Talk with Charlotte Yang (VC '14), Analyst, Cornerstone Research

Date: Saturday*, November 7, 2015 (Note: this is a weekend talk)

Time: 1:00PM

Location: RH310

About Charlotte's work: I work on financial and economic analysis for commercial litigation matters.  A few cases that I worked on during the past two years involved investor lawsuits (e.g. common/preferred stock), mortgage securities fraud (e.g. RMBS, CDO), and malpractices in the retail sector.  We use different types of economic and statistical methods to analyze data and gain insights.

*LAVA (Life After VAssar) is a series of informal conversations with Vassar alums and other friends that will introduce students of mathematics to possible math-related opportunities and directions in life after graduation.